Is Poisoning a West Virginia Bat Legal?

Poisoning Charleston rats is a different chapter than poisoning bats. You need to differentiate that you cannot poison a bat specifically if it' s in your house. To get rid of the bats, it is not a good idea that you will end up poisoning the bat. It could lead you to some of the intense problems that you defiantly do not want to face.

  • It can be illegal in many states around the globe, so poisoning a bat will lead you to some of the legal problems in the end.
  • There is no certain poison available for the bats to kill them or end them so you can end up multiply the problem for you in the house.
  • If the West Virginia bat died in your house or hole, this would cause you to face offensive odor and many other issues too.

  • Worse results
    In case you will poison the bat, in the first place it will not work on it. Some of them may take the bait, but rest can escape successfully. But, later on, you will have to face the worse reaction by them the bat will come back to create more havoc in your place.

    How to get rid of it?
    If you have a bat in your Charleston house, then you can gather all the family members and pets in one room and lock it up. Lock the room' s door, where the bat is and wide open the windows. It will help the bat to fly away without making any havoc.

    Get professional help!
    In case the situation is even worse, then you should not attempt any attack on the bat but call the West Virginia bat rehabilitation center. The professionals will be at your place to get the bat out of space easily.

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